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Jack Granger

Instrumentalist/Instructor/Audio Engineer

My name is Jack Granger, I am a guitar instrumentalist and instructor, as well as audio engineer. I’m originally from Upstate NY, now residing in Nashville, TN. My primary focus is on blues and jazz, with some classical training. Since those are found in almost every modern genre in one-way shape or form, I find myself in many different musical environments.

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What I can do for You

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My website allows access to lesson information, videos and further instruction over Zoom and Skype. I have been playing guitar for 12 years and have taught musical lessons for 6 years. Through my education, I have received training, and hope to share the knowledge learned with my students. These lessons will focus on music theory and various guitar techniques, allowing each student to become more comfortable with the guitar and playing music.

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Audio Engineering

My business offers recording and mixing for various groups or projects, and can multitrack up to 18 inputs. I received my Associates Degree in Audio Engineering from Finger Lakes Community College. Currently, I am the audio engineer for Anything and Everything Orchestra .


Live and Studio Work

Performing since high school, I have a lot of love for being on stage. I have played from Rochester, NY to printers Alley in Nashville, TN. I am more than willing to fill any role a guitar would need to fill. Trained in many genres, there is not a style out there I wouldn't be willing to try. However, Jazz and Blues are my favorite to play.

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About Me

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I am a blues player from Upstate NY, now living in Nashville, TN. I started playing guitar at about 16 after playing saxophone since middle school. Growing up on a fruit farm near Lake Ontario there was always work after school, but my dad and my grandfather always had a radio on in the shop almost always playing classic rock or some old blues. Like so many other kids my age, as soon as finding tablature online became a new norm, we all wanted to learn instruments. I wanted to play the guitar because I was a huge Jimmy Paige fan at the time. I loved all of Led Zeppelin, but the guitar work is what really stood out.

                After high school I enrolled in the audio engineering program at Finger Lakes Community College. I knew I wanted to be involved in the music program, I just wasn’t sure to what end. I took a lot of interest in the guitar ensemble and the personal instruction from amazing players like Paul McArdle, Leo Medler, and Craig Snyder. After I completed my requirements in audio I was encouraged to stay to get another degree in Music Theory. That lead to great opportunities and connections.

                Right after college I found an open position for a guitar instructor at Area Records and Music, a cool little music shop in Geneva, NY. This position was by far my favorite job I’ve ever had. I was lucky enough to inherit the former instructors’ students, so it gave a great opportunity to really feel what consistent teaching felt like, and how much I enjoyed it.

                That led to being picked up for a pit band in the opera house next door, the Smith. The show was Avenue Q, an off-Broadway show. It was a hilarious and an unbelievably fun experience. After the last show I went up the road with a friend of mine from the pit and sat in with his band, Darwin. After that show, I was given a full-time position within the band, and still occasionally play with them when I’m in New York. The opportunity with Darwin granted me additional opportunities to play guitar for about a dozen bands throughout the Finger Lakes area. Some of those bands included Anything and Everything Orchestra, Mainstream Music, B Side Music, Lonesome Train, and also solo acts. I work well independently, but prefer working within a group environment.

                After a few successful years, the owner of Area Records told me he was retiring, so I had to make a decision to stay, or continue to go forward with my education. That is when I chose to enroll in Belmont University's commercial music guitar program with an emphasis on performance. Learning about music had provided me with so much fulfillment throughout my 20s, I figured learning more and going further into the music industry would continue to provide sustenance throughout my 30s.

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